Highlights of the HubSpot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp: I'm a Lion, are You?

Posted by Patrick Lynch on August 15, 2018
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When FZ Creative started our journey to becoming a HubSpot Agency Partner, we knew joining the ranks of other Agency Partners would propel us forward in offering affordable marketing systems for our clients.  About a year into my Inbound transformation my Channel Account Manager and I decided to crank it up a notch and apply for the exclusive ‘Pipeline Generation Bootcamp’ with employee #6 and sales legend, Dan Tyre.
It all began with the initial application and phone interview with the man himself. To have the chance to work with a successful sales architect like Dan is not an opportunity that comes up every day, we were ecstatic. The excitement was too much and I ended up calling Dan a few minutes before our scheduled session! 

After being accepted into the bootcamp, I was committed to dedicate an hour per day for the next eight weeks! Beyond that, We were required to attend one webinar per week with the other students in the course and complete specific tasks set fourth by Mr. Tyre, all of which would help lay the framework for our new pipeline. These webinar sessions were a great way to learn, not only was the material interactive, we also participated in role plays with others and received detail feedback from our roleplay partners and Dan.

Here are my top 10 takeaways from the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp:
  1. Help solve their problems, don’t just sell your solution;
  2. Those who pick up the phone get all the business;
  3. Video email converts over regular email;
  4. Smarketing is a word, use it - it leads to free breakfast sandwiches;
  5. The Connect Call is not a ‘cold’ call, show your prospect respect and be prepared;
  6. Don’t get caught up in the Schlog of your day, guard your prospecting time;
  7. A consistent sales cadence is the only way to establish a consistent pipeline;
  8. You already have a pipeline, referrals from your current clients, ask for them;
  9. Inbound Marketing increases Website Traffic, generates leads, and assists with Customer Acquisition;
  10. Having a documented sales process matters;

At the end of the day, this bootcamp was more than generating sales for FZ Creative, it was a framework for helping out clients to generate these very pipelines!

If you’re interested in building a sales pipeline for your business, ultimately leading to an increase in website traffic, leads generated, and improved customer acquisition process, reach out to me today! You can also follow me on Twitter or we can connect on LinkedIn.

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