Brand Messaging: Why Your Company Needs it

Posted by Patrick Lynch on April 2, 2019
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The tone and style of your brand’s message can make or break your company. No matter what you’re selling, your voice emulates company values and beliefs. Your messaging is your recognition. No matter what you are saying or where you are posting it, your customers will know it’s you.

Check out some of the key reasons every company needs a strong, recognizable brand voice:


Tells Who You Are

Your brand messaging should properly portray your brand identity. It lets your customers know who you are and what your brand is about. Consider who your target audience is and ensure your voice reflects the message you want to depict to them. Choose a tone and voice that reflects your genuine values and appeals to your target audience.


Builds Trust Through Consistency

For brands today, trust is a necessity. Customers want to know that whom they interact with are trustworthy, honest and real. With multiple departments across many businesses, it’s easy to get lost in ensuring you’re all using the same tone. It’s important to focus on using the same messaging and voices that evolve as your business does.

Establishing a consistent tone of voice will allow your customers to connect with your brand and give a sense of familiarity. Switching between different tones send conflicting messages to customers.


Sets You Apart

Life would be pretty bland if we all looked and sounded the same. Whether you communicate quietly or loudly, your tone of messaging is going to set you apart from your competition and determine how people recognize your brand. Based upon the multitude of social platforms companies can use, you can easily be set apart.


Makes You More Relatable

Consumers today will engage on a much deeper level with a brand they can relate to. It builds a connection and underlying emotional attachment. People seek memorable and emotional connections. The tone of your messaging should consistently speak to the emotional mind-set of your customer, it's key to nurturing business relationships that matter. In most cases, people don’t follow brands online for their products and services. They follow because your brand voice means something to them.


Now that you know why a consistent brand voice is so important, how can you maintain this? After brand messaging is established for a company, you must get all active members on the same page and following the same guidelines. Whether it be through brand guidelines or even a script when talking to customers, it’s necessary to provide the tools needed for all team members to adapt and use correctly.


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